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Salt SpriTIM_3861ng Bagels has been making authentic, traditional, boiled bagels here on Salt Spring Island for twenty years now. The bagels are now baked at a rural wholesale bakery and sold at local coffee shops, or are available to purchase by the bag at grocery stores.  Starting in 2014, Salt Spring Bagels have also been available at select stores in the Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island areas.

Bags of Salt Spring Bagels can also be ordered for delivery or personal pickup.

Organic Bagels?

Most of the stores carrying our bagels feature our organic bagels.


What is a Bagel? (editorial)

By definition, bagels are made from a boiled dough.  When squished they do not feel like a bread, but are firm.  If it squishes like bread, and is round like a bagel, then it is a “round bread,” and not a bagel.  Salt Spring Bagels also have more flavour ingredients than bread, and are low in sodium.  When toasted, bagels develop a satisfying light crust while retaining a chewy centre, not like toast.  Salt Spring Bagels are authentic bagels with traditional chewy texture and a firm feel.

Bagel Revolution: In the 1960’s a Canadian-born inventor started to sell a machine that could automatically form bagels.  These machines put most bagel makers out of work within ten years – and changed the bagel itself.  Large bagel bakeries now produce uniform, soft objects that, in my opinion, taste and chew more like round bread than bagels.  Many people buying bagels today have never had a chance to taste real (traditional dough, traditional process) bagels.

Random Note: Bagels were first developed in Poland around 1600.  The first bagels were taken into space by Canadian-born astronaut Gregory Chamitoff in 2008.

  1. Bob Taylor permalink

    Hey Tim – we are out of bagels! Can you help? Call me pls 250 537 6500….Tks

  2. tim permalink

    Will do Bob, thank you for your order. tim

  3. Sheila Thompson permalink

    Hi Bagel Makers,
    These have to be the best bagels I have tasted since I left Montreal about 45 years ago. As a born and bred Jewish Montrealer, I lived for the first 20 years I block away from a little bagel-shop that made the best bagels in town. These match them hands down. I got my bagels at Country Grocer in Cobble Hill. Just browsing and I am so glad I found them! These are my new brand now! No more Dempsters, for sure.
    Sheila Thompson

    • Kind words indeed Sheila, thank you. Ours are an authentic boiled bagel as you remember, both in texture and flavour, and not a “round bread” – toast and enjoy.

  4. Jay permalink

    Wow, we just discovered you here on the big island and all I can say is Amazing! Thank You!

    • You are welcome! We have a number of customers who know us from visits to Salt Spring and have been happy to find us on Vancouver Island this year. Are you in that group or are you new to our bagels? Either way, enjoy them.

  5. Elaine S. permalink

    I want to say Thank you for making these delicious “real” bagels.

    My first taste of what I call a true bagel was back in the early 1980s when a friend brought me some bagels back from New York city. My friend had purchased them fresh in the morning before their flight back to Vancouver.

    I saw your bagels at Red Barn Market on West Saanich Road a little while ago and decided to give them a try.

    The first bite of your bagels took me back to when I tasted those bagels from New York.
    My taste buds are reliving a fond food memory now thanks to your wonderful product.

    I also appreciate that all of your ingredients are organic.

    • Thank you for your story, really very pleased to hear that we could bring back good bagel memories Elaine. In my case my Mum used to buy them near home in Montreal in the 1960’s – before mechanization almost killed off traditional bagel making. The traditional taste and texture are a big part of what makes a bagel into a bagel – and the large commercial bakeries literally don’t meet the definition of a bagel with their tasteless, pillowy, round breads.

  6. My recent package of Everything bagels was super dry and tough – best before date is MA 17 and I purchased on May 13. Was this a heavy batch?

    • Ouch, that’s not good. So those were delivered May 11th to stores. Nope, not supposed to be like that – definitely not a feature we are looking for 😦 So, to help me out, were these organic or non-organic? And to help you out, can I arrange at the store to give you a new bag? I am sorry, I don’t know what happened there. It doesn’t sound like “old stock magically resurfacing” and we didn’t ship / don’t ship / any knowingly-bad bagels (?english?).

  7. Patrice permalink

    I just learned yesterday that you freeze all of your bagels and that they are sent off island to a distribution center for Thriftys that then ships them frozen back to SS. My husband usually buys them thinking that they are fresh and freezes them. That may be one reason that they often seem stale. They might even thaw out more than once in the whole process. I haven’t told him yet. He might not want to buy them when I tell him. I know it’s a lot more work but why at least can’t you provide the island with fresh bagels????

    • I have heard of Thrifty’s distribution system, but we have never used it. Salt Spring Bagels are not stored frozen somewhere off-island for delivery to any of the Thrifty stores that we serve. Other bagels are, so possibly the information you were given was not about Salt Spring Bagels. We deliver directly to all the stores that we serve, driving them up from our Salt Spring bakery to the Thrifty store twice a week.

  8. Gerry permalink

    Moldy bagels, and before the expiry date too, yum!

    • Please email or text me with when and where that happened to you and the expiry date. You should never see mouldy bagels on the shelves.

      We don’t chemically alter the pH of the bagel and/or add fungicides to kill mould. The lighting and ventilation varies at every store, and some have more trouble with our preservative-free approach to bagels 😦

      For example, when a new store opened last year, we had trouble for weeks until they finished installing the sunshine filters on the windows. Some human-made light sources also bring the moisture out of the bagel and cause condensation on the inside of the bag which naturally leads to mould.

      (I don’t use FaceBook, email or text will reach me more quickly – / 250.653.9900)

  9. Frances Levien permalink

    I was visiting Victoria BC for a month and came across your delicious bagels.

    Do you by chance sell and ship them. I live in N.Cal?

    Many thanks

    • I don’t know if you’ll see this or not Frances, but we have never exported our bagels from Canada. I expect there would be border issues.

  10. Hope permalink

    *Bagel snob here*. Found the only bagels I liked (loved) living in Montreal. Once I moved west I lost hope of a real bagel. Funny that I had to move ALL the way west to Vancouver Island to reconnect with a truly amazing bagel. And introduce my friends to real bagels. I am entirely grateful to you for your dedication. People don’t know bagels until they know yours out here!

    • That’s awfully nice of you to post Hope. I grew up with Montreal bagels and, like you, despaired when we moved out to be near the grand-parents many moons ago now. We do care a lot about our bagels, I am glad that shows. There should be some sort of rule that stops the “round bread” vendors from calling their products bagels – their bread ingredients and bread process result in a bread, not a bagel.

  11. Penny Howe permalink

    Hi. Are you delivering your bagels to Victoria?

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